Solutions For Chiropractors


Confidence in your documentation comes from knowing you always ask the right questions, that you consistently record all relevant and desired data, and that you’re able to do so quickly and easily. If you’re not currently using a fully integrated, chiropractic-specific, and customizable EHR solution, your documentation may be suffering due to a lack of guidelines and standards for data collection and recording.

Our Streamlined and Customizable Documentation Process

Not has our software been developed specifically for the chiropractic profession, but it was designed to be fully integrated into every aspect of your practice. From patient check-in to check-out, our software ensures that data collection and input is as quick and convenient as possible.

Patient Self-Check-in
Patients can self check-in using a unique number, barcode, fingerprint or swipe card. Accounts can also be linked together so that the same self check-in methods can be used for multiple patients. Linking accounts is an ideal feature for families. After self check-in you subjective input from the patient is synced to their records. Our software can also remember the subjective information from a patient’s last appointment and have fill out outcome assessment questionnaires, keeping your documentation up to date seamlessly.

Bullet Touch
Bullet Touch was named for both its speed and accuracy in documenting virtually all patient encounters.
This templated set of macros provides chiropractors with a guided and progressive process for creating consistent documentation. Whether your practice is strictly insurance-based, focuses on personal injury, is solely a cash practice, or incorporates a combination of approaches in serving patients, our software will help you create quality documentation quickly for every patient.

Conveniently Incorporated Compliance

Our collaboration with trusted experts in the chiropractic profession has allowed us to develop compliant documentation that comes pre-loaded in our software. You can also easily customize that documentation specifically for your practice. That documentation also integrates seamlessly into your practice’s workflow, syncing with patient entered information from check-ins and outcome assessments, and making compliance as convenient as it is easy.

Technique & Case Type Specific Macros
Templates for documentation specific to case types, techniques and therapies come pre-loaded in our software. Our Macro Manager allows you to then customize those templates (as well as templates you create) through a simple drag and drop interface. Macro buttons can be moved from menu to menu and from set to set. Custom macros can also be shared with or obtained from other users of our software or conveniently downloaded from our macro library.

Built-In Outcome Assessments
Monitor your patient’s progress through our built-in outcome assessments. Patients can fill out their outcome assessments electronically during patient self check-in, on the CTOutcomes iPad app or can the assessments can be emailed to the patient to fill out from home. Our software will score, track and create a detailed narrative of the results and an overall percentage change so that patient progress can be easily seen. Some of the most commonly used outcome assessments integrate the results directly into the SOAP note in our software.

Increased Productivity and Mobility

Maximizing productivity is at the core of our software design. Not only is it a fully integrated and intuitive solution, but our focus on convenience and mobility allows you to spend more time intentionally interacting with patients during their visits.

Provider All-In-One Screen
Eliminate time spent changing between windows by setting up the All-In-One screen in our software. Have instant visibility and access to alerts, diagnosis codes, charges, insurance information treatment plans, SOAP notes, and more, from the convenience of your computer or iPad.

Native iPad Apps
We provide 6 fully integrated native iPad apps that eliminate the need for you to remotely access your practice computer in order to make updates to information in the software. Through the iPad, you’ll have instant access to apps for the provider, outcome assessments, custom forms, patient sign-in, scheduling, and online intake, all while having the ability to remain mobile.