Solutions For Chiropractic Assistants

Having Trouble Syncing Documentation With Practice Flow?

With a steady series of daily patient visits, it can be difficult to keep up with managing all the patient documentation associated with those appointments. Having a consistent and organized system in place can make all the difference in successfully integrating patient generated data and information.

A Coordinated & Intuitive Approach To Documentation

Our software’s organizational abilities and full integration allow documentation to flow smoothly and seamlessly throughout every area of your practice.Patient Self-Check-in

Patient Flow Manager
With our Patient Flow Manager, it’s easy to see all practice activities for the day in a glance. Information is displayed in 3 easy to distinguish columns: (1) today’s appointments; (2) patients checked-in; and (3) patients seen today. Each column is also color coded by visit type and the colors can be customized.

Activity Manager
The Activity Manager in our software organizes and maintains all of the activities to be completed within your practice. It provides a central point at which all of actions that make for a smooth running practice can be managed and coordinated. It can display a comprehensive list of activities to be completed by providers and staff, filter activities by individual or activity type, and organize task-specific information. It can also access our software’s Contact Manager, within which patients can be added to call lists based on criteria such as missed appointments.

Improved Case Management & Administrative Compliance

Alert customization and automation allows for timely, precise data collection and clear communication with providers, staff, and patients.

Automated & Customizable Patient Alerts
Patient alerts can be customized to an individual as well as to patients in a certain group or type. The alerts can then be automated to display based on a specific visit, every “x” number of visits, or on certain dates.

Multi-Point Alerts
Customized alerts can also be automated to display at 5 unique points during a patient visit: (1) during patient self check-in; (2) during front desk check-in; (3) during front desk check-out; (4) while interacting with the scheduler; (5) and while on the provider screen.

Reduced Data Entry & Instant Inter-Office Communication

Our software automatically syncs data input by patients, gives providers immediate access to it, and puts instant communication with everyone in the office at your fingertips.

Patient Self Check-in
Allow patients to electronically check themselves in at the front desk or in adjusting rooms/areas. The patient self-check-in feature of our software can also capture patient subjective input, which then automatically transfers directly into the subjective part of the provider’s SOAP notes.

Instant Messaging & Next Appointment Requests
With one click, providers can send a request to the front desk indicating when the they would like to see the patient again or notifying staff that more time is needed for the next appointment. Communication between providers and staff is made simple through our software’s instant messaging system also available in or out of the office thorough our native iPad app.