Solutions For BILLERS

Finding It Difficult Manage & Track Multiple Case Types For A Single Account?

Using multiple, non-integrated pieces of software or struggling with software that does not adequately allow for the attachment of case types to an individual account can directly impact your capability to submit accurately consolidated billing data.

Fully Integrated, Robust Reporting

The streamlining starts with easy case type and account management, while automated reporting gives you access to reports in your inbox.

Case Manager
The Case Manager feature in our software allows you to manage patient account links, add case types, and set the default case type from any screen in Patient Management. You can keep everything separated for each case type but while still having everything under one patient account.

Automated Practice Reports
Practice reports can be set to run every day, week, month, quarter, or year and automatically emailed, so recipients do not have to access our software in order to receive reported information. In our software you can view multiple reports in one window with tabbed report browsing, use the annotation tool to mark reports, and create a favorite reports list, as well.

Tired Of Manually Verifying Insurance Coverage, Diagnosis Codes, & Charge Codes?

Verifying insurance coverage for each patient receiving care in your practice is imperative, yet making time to check on that information manually can be a highly time-consuming task. Unverified insurance information can lead not only to delays in getting paid, but to revenue loss for the practice, as well. Human error in the entry of diagnosis and charge codes can compound the revenue collection issue, increasing payment delays through the process of resubmission.

Automated Insurance Alerts & Codes

Make sure you receive payment for the care and treatment you provide, by assuring patients have proper coverage that proper codes are being used for submissions.

Insurance Alerts
When checking a patient in or out, you are automatically notified if a patient has reached their annual insurance authorized visit maximum, or if their authorized visit period has expired.

Automatic Data Transfer To The Front Desk
Diagnosis and charge codes are automatically sent to the front desk screen from the provider screen, saving a time consuming, manual step in the billing process.

Processess EOBs Quickly & Reliably

Automatically Downloaded ERA Files
ERA files contain payment information for insurance checks, such as the insurance carrier that the payment is coming from, the patient name, insured ID assigned to the patient in question, the amount of the charge that was submitted originally on a claim, and the amount the insurance will pay. Our software allows you to automatically download ERA files, making the process of “auto-posting” a seamless one.

Interactive Insurance AR Report
The Insurance AR button in our software opens a customizable grid view so you can see all primary insurance claims (even if not billed) along with secondary insurance claims that are in a “waiting ” or “billed” status.The AR grid allows you to enter the follow-up status and edit notes. When these values are edited, the “last activity” date automatically changes to the date information was last edited. The data can then be exported as an Excel file.